At Cadence Kitchen, my job is all about the cool down. Once we’ve crafted our chef-driven dishes using the highest quality, natural ingredients, we use a unique and highly effective process of liquid nitrogen flash freezing to ensure that all of those big flavors, fresh textures, and vital nutrients are perfectly preserved, right up until the moment you decide to heat things up for dinner. 

This month, I’m happy to share a bit more about the advantages that come with liquid nitrogen enrobing. In our mind, there’s no better way to ensure that you can effortlessly cook up a restaurant-quality meal from the comforts of home!

There’s Flash Freezing, Then There’s Nitro-Flash Freezing!

Let’s start with the process of flash freezing, which has become an industry standard in food preservation. Generally explained, flash freezing is a method that uses super low temperatures at super-fast speeds to instantaneously preserve fresh-picked or prepared foods. 

Our method takes flash-freezing a step further by coating, or enrobing, our prepared dishes with liquid nitrogen, a super frigid gas at -320 degrees! This unique process, perfected at Cadence Kitchen HQ, immediately freezes the food, locking in its distinct characteristics. Our recipes are reverse engineered to fully take advantage of nitro-flash freezing. This guarantees that you’ll enjoy those same flavors and nutritional benefits of the meal as if it was cooked right in front of you. 

Take our Shrimp Scampi for example. Sustainably sourced shrimp served in a garlicky white wine sauce with herbs and tomatoes is a versatile take on an Italian classic. Thanks to our liquid nitrogen enrobing process, we’re able to cook the dish and use liquid nitrogen enrobing to perfectly preserve the tender, flavorful shrimp and accompanying sauce and vegetables. It only takes ten minutes in a hot pan for all the elements to come alive and sing!

Liquid Nitrogen Enrobing Preserves Nutrients

The first advantage that liquid nitrogen brings to the table is how it preserves food nutrients. We pride ourselves on using ingredients of extremely high quality so it’s essential to make sure that none of these health benefits are lost during the freezing process.

Thanks to the technological advancements in freezing innovation, flash freezing with liquid nitrogen is an incredibly effective way to preserve the nutrients in fresh-picked or prepared foods. The traditional methods of freezing of the past used lower temperatures, often needing to rely on artificial preservatives or additives to re-introduce lost flavor. Liquid nitrogen freezing on the other hand is a proven way to maintain the freshness and nutritional value of foods. This means that our premium quality ingredients taste the same on your table as they did the day we prepared them in our kitchen!

Additionally, flash-frozen fruits and vegetables can have equal, if not higher levels of vitamins like A, B2, and C. Vital antioxidants are also preserved, which otherwise can decrease in fresh-stored food in the refrigerator over a few days. Our flash-frozen food rests at peak quality in your freezer until you’re ready to eat it. Nothing stands in the way of getting you perfectly preserved produce that’s been grown and picked at its nutritional peak.

Liquid Nitrogen Enrobing Maintains Texture

There’s nothing worse than a mushy, flavorless plate of reheated frozen food. Texture is a huge factor that communicates the freshness and quality of frozen food. How does liquid nitrogen enrobing maintain that perfect texture? It all comes down to cellular structure and ice crystals. 

When you freeze at a slower and lower temperature, larger ice crystals form. You may have noticed this when checking on items in your own freezer. The bigger, and sharper, the ice crystal, the more damage occurs at the cellular structure of whatever you’re freezing. This directly affects texture. 

In stark contrast, liquid nitrogen enrobing is so fast and so cold that the ice crystals are much smaller, leaving cellular structure and texture intact. In fact, it’s so effective that when the food is reheated, it tastes and feels like it’s never been frozen!

Liquid Nitrogen Enrobing Protects Flavor

Finally, I wanted to end on flavor. Liquid nitrogen enrobing allows us to effectively maintain the bold and bright flavors that are foundational to our diverse menu. We want that garlicky sauce of the Shrimp Scampi to shine as much as the sweet and sour punch of our Chicken Stir Fry! 

As we’ve all experienced, fresh-stored foods naturally lose their flavor over time. Spoilage, improper storage, moisture, reactions to oxygen or light, and food enzymes are commonplace causes for a decrease in flavor, texture, and nutrients. Unfortunately, a commonplace practice in the traditional frozen food industry is to add preservatives to minimize negative changes as much as possible. 

Today’s customers are looking for the convenience that frozen food offers while maintaining a high nutrition value and delicious offerings. Thankfully, liquid nitrogen enrobing comes to the rescue as it’s the most simple and natural way to maintain quality and freshness. We don’t use nitrates, antibiotics, hormones, or other artificial additives, which end up impacting flavor and freshness. The results are extraordinary! Our Seafood Paella or creamy Lemon Risotto exemplify how our focus on freezing technology never strays from bringing you a delicious plate of food.

Bridging the Gap Between Cuisine and Science

It’s taken a lot of work, but we’re incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made to bridge the gap between cuisine and science. We’re maximizing the potential of liquid nitrogen enrobing to make things as easy and delicious as possible for the home cook. Ultimately, our hope is that this technology opens up new possibilities for you and your loved ones to enjoy a restaurant-quality meal within the comforts of home. 

How has our flash-freezing method fared for you? We always love hearing from our community to see how they’ve been enjoying–and hacking!–our dishes. Don’t hesitate to reach out on social if you have any questions or comments! We look forward to hearing from you.

Spence Jones Cadence Kitchen

Spencer Jones is the Food Scientist at Cadence Kitchen, where he oversees the safe and efficient creation of our recipes and final products. The FoodTech industry is fast-paced and continually changing, and Spencer ensures Cadence Kitchen continues to drive trends while never sacrificing on quality, taste, or sustainability in our practices and final meals. 

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