When I started my career stocking shelves and washing dishes at the local Italian market, I never could have imagined how technology would direct my career as a chef in the future.  

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#tbt This gem of a pic goes back to around 1997 when I was about 24 years old. This event was for recognition of Chef Carlo “Pops” DeGaudenzi (Chef all the way on the left) with the ACF, from what I recall. I was fortunate enough to have worked with him for about 2 years. Yup, I’m the troublemaker not looking at the camera 😉 I was too busy admiring and inspired by Carlo for who he is as a Chef and a person. Great man! One of many things he taught me that I will never forget was how to make Baccalà (Italian Salted Cod) which a 3 day process and is an authentic Italian recipe. I remember a lot and love all his stories he shared with me. ❤️ . We cooked that night for about 400+ people for his award ceremony at The Harbor Club (Tee-Tee’s Lansing) in Huntington, NY. Carlo is from Italy and the magic he created by using simple ingredients and has so many old school tricks to push the flavors as far as he can without masking them. I heard he may have finally retired at the age of 83 which he could have retired a couple decades ago but his love and passion for the industry continued to motivate him to work. . At this time I was Executive Chef at Coco’s Water Cafe next door to the Harbor Club (same owners) and the challenge I had for a couple decades in my career is when you work 80+ hours a week, 6 to 7 days a week, how do maintain a social life? Pretty much came down to work hard, party hard, pass out, wake up with minimal to no sleep and…do it again…and again…Who the heck had time to do laundry ? . #tbt #mentor #restaurantlife #chefstory #italian #cheflife #mystory #respect #grateful #paidmydues #schoolofhardknocks #memories #workhardplayhard #greatchef #greatman #baccala #nyroots #follow #newyork #longisland #huntingtonny #americanculinaryfederation #scratchkitchen #myjourney #instadaily #photo #throwbackthursday

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The way we’re using nitro-flash freezing at Cadence Kitchen is completely reshaping how I develop and prepare recipes, and the end result is a level of quality, flavor, and freshness that I’ve never seen before. We’ve turned “frozen” into an attribute and we’re ready to take back the category with delicious, flavorful food that proves frozen is the new fresh. 

What does that mean? In reality, “fresh” food isn’t always that fresh. Food is perishable by nature, which means everyone from a professional chef to a home cook is fighting to capture ingredients at their peak in order to craft wholesome and flavorful meals. It’s a real juggling act. Between the transport time from the field to the supermarket, plus the time food might sit in a fridge or on the counter, at least a couple weeks could pass between the point at which produce was harvested and when it’s actually integrated into a meal. Ultimately, this adds up to meals that aren’t really that fresh in the end. 

At Cadence Kitchen, we’re turning this on its head by creating food that people can enjoy at peak quality 100% of the time. With nitro-flash freezing, we’re able to select ingredients at their prime, bring them together to craft creative, innovative and forward-thinking meals, then suspend them in time with liquid nitrogen—a flavorless, odorless and safe freezing process that instantaneously brings food down to -320°. This precise combination of speed and temperature preserves the cell structure of every ingredient so that when thawed, it’s a product that doesn’t appear to have ever been frozen at all. 

Not only that, but our flash-freezing process enables us to create convenient, time-saving meals that are totally free of artificial preservatives. We also don’t use any fillers, fixers or added chemicals—just simple, pure, delicious ingredients. From chicken raised without antibiotics to whole plump shrimp, to crisp produce, we’ve poured our hearts and souls into crafting delicious, ready to heat dishes held to the highest standards of quality.  

We’ve taken every effort to ensure this is the simplest and most natural way to maintain the quality and freshness of our products until you’re ready to enjoy them—and did I mention it also makes home cooking an absolute breeze? 

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Jason Triail is the Vice President of Culinary and Innovations, and the master of all things tasty in our Southern California kitchen. With more than 33 years of experience, he draws on a diverse culinary background to continue improving and reinventing Cadence Kitchen dishes. 

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