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Brian J. Wynn

Owner & Chairman

Leads our mission to completely revolutionize the way we enjoy food at home.

Alex Klein

OWNER & President

Maintains the integrity of the food that Cadence Kitchen procures, manufactures and that ultimately ends up on the dinner tables of families across the country.

Jason Triail

Vice President of Culinary and Innovations

The master of all things tasty in our Southern California kitchen. With more than 33 years of experience, he draws on a diverse culinary background to continue improving and reinventing Cadence Kitchen dishes.


John Havens Jr.

Strategic Advisor

Draws on his 40 years of experience at Nestlé to counsel Cadence Kitchen as we navigate an ever-changing retail environment.


Ibeth Echepetelecu

Chief Human Resources Officer

Leads Cadence Kitchen’s search for honest and driven people to join us as we create a more delicious and sustainable way to enjoy home-cooked meals.

Michael Benton

Vice President of Operations

Keeps Cadence Kitchen efficient and streamlined, enacting structure and strategies that ensure we meet our goals.

Kelly Torres-Chadd

Director of Marketing

Channels her passions for food and the food industry into leading marketing programs, brand management, social media and creative direction.

Hebe Chow

Senior Sourcing Manager

Plans and coordinates Cadence Kitchen’s production process, overseeing every step from sourcing ingredients to delivering our final meals to your local supermarket.

Eddie Tse

Director of Food Safety & Quality Control

Ensures that we are in full compliance with U.S. FDA/USDA standards and always exceed our customers’ expectations.

Patricia Cabello

R&D Technician

Works alongside our VP of Culinary and Innovation, Jason Triail, to drive forward-thinking and creative recipes that measure up to every quality, taste and safety standard.

Kevin Reynolds

Field Operations Manager

As the Field Operations Manager, Kevin Reynolds is a seasoned professional in the trade and field operations management of consumer-packaged goods.

John Malcuit


Oversees our financial practices to make sure they carry the same transparency and integrity that we use when crafting our food.

Spencer Jones

Food Technologist

Leads research and recipe creation for our recipes and products, ensuring we never sacrifice on quality, taste or sustainability in our practices and final meals.

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