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Cadence Kitchen History

Cadence Kitchen is a food technology company that combines culinary expertise, high-quality ingredients, and innovative technology to transform the way people access and prepare their meals. Launched in 2019, Cadence Kitchen offers restaurant-quality and chef-crafted sides and entrées that prove frozen food can extend beyond convenience and accessibility to offer superior flavor and freshness.

Cadence Kitchen Today

With current distribution in more than 250 stores including supermarkets like Save Mart, Meijer, Fresh Thyme, Gelson’s, Schnucks, and Food Lion, Cadence Kitchen is transforming its existing bulk food program in 2020 to offer bagged products and a new line of CPG products, including premium sustainably sourced seafood recipes to complement its eclectic menu selection.

Cadence Kitchen Difference

Using a unique and proprietary liquid nitrogen flash-freezing technique, every Cadence Kitchen recipe is fresh-prepared in the company’s Southern California kitchen then enrobed in liquid nitrogen, locking in each ingredient’s true flavor, texture, and nutrient profile. This essentially suspends the food in time without any harmful preservatives, artificial flavors, or artificial colors. The result is a chef-made plate that tastes as fresh as it was the day it was made.

Our Mission

In a world where consumers’ dining habits have rapidly changed whether due to necessity or preference, Cadence Kitchen is a home dining solution that provides the same or better quality and variety than restaurant dining at a greater convenience than cooking from scratch. With 70 percent of consumers purchasing more frozen food than they have before the pandemic, we’re here to prove frozen is the new fresh with options for dining out at home™ that rival a restaurant experience while easing strain in the kitchen.

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Looking for drool-worthy inspo?

Give us a follow for fresh ways to make a Cadence Kitchen meal.


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