Looking for some new ways to include vegetable-forward meals into your weekly routine? Our Meatless Monday Roundups showcase Cadence Kitchen dishes and meal hacks that are as tasty as they are stress-free to make. 

Here’s our first batch that we’ve been posting on Facebook and Instagram and enjoying in our homes! 

Lemon Risotto with Asparagus 

On its own, our Lemon Risotto is a creamy and comforting dish, balanced with just the right amount of zesty brightness. If you’re looking to mix things up a little bit, we recommend pairing it with steamed or grilled asparagus. 

After you’ve heated up the risotto, which only takes fifteen minutes, simply top a portion over a few cooked asparagus spears. We love the contrasting textures. Don’t forget to top with freshly-grated parmesan or a bit of lemon juice! 

Breakfast Burritos 

These Breakfast Burritos are a home run! They use our Mixed Roasted Potatoes of red, gold and sweet varieties as a base. They’re not only fun to make, but are packed with flavor, perfect for a weekend brunch, quick enough for a weekday breakfast, and super fun for family dinner.

Start by heating up our roasted potatoes in the skillet. As they begin to brown and mix with that butter and fragrant garlic they’re enrobed in, add in some whisked eggs with cracked black pepper. Mix both together until the egg begins to set. If you’re a fan of cheese, toss some grated cheddar into the mixture.

Heat up some tortillas in another pan and prep your toppings. We chose salsa, chopped cilantro, pickled jalapenos, and yes, more cheese. Once your tortillas are lightly browned and warmed, begin assembling with the egg and potato mixture first, followed by the toppings of your choice. Wrap and enjoy! 

Lemon Risotto with Swiss Chard

If you love indulging in risotto, but want to get your greens in too, why not try adding some fresh vegetables to our Lemon Risotto? Opt for Swiss Chard, a hearty, very healthy leafy green that won’t get lost in the richness of the risotto. 

As the risotto reaches temperature in the skillet, add a few handfuls of raw, chopped chard for an extra kick of veggie nutrients. Once the chard has softened, you’re ready to go. Definitely don’t forget the grated parmesan or some fresh red pepper flakes.

Veggie Power Bowls with our Vegetable Medley 

Making Veggie Power Bows with our Mediterranean Vegetable Medley

Cookin’ up a twist on our Mediterranean Vegetable Medley for #MeatlessMonday! Packed with garbanzo beans, cherry tomatoes, kale and other nutritious veggies all tossed in a lemon-mint vinaigrette, our Vegetable Medley is a flavorful meal solution that can easily be re-worked into a vegetarian Power Bowl! Watch as we add a fried egg and quinoa to up the protein content and round out this dish 🍳 See ingredients, pairing suggestions, nutritional info and more for our Mediterranean Vegetable Medley at http://bit.ly/VegMedley

Posted by Cadence Kitchen on Monday, April 27, 2020

Looking to cook up a twist with our Mediterranean-Style Vegetable Medley? Packed with garbanzo beans, cherry tomatoes, kale, and other nutritious veggies, all tossed in a lemon-mint vinaigrette. It’s a flavorful meal that can easily be reworked into a vegetarian Power Bowl! Simply mix in some cooked quinoa and top with a fried egg to up the protein content and round out the dish. 

We hope you’re left inspired by our recent round of veggie-forward meals and kitchen hacks. Stay tuned on our blog and be sure to follow us on social to see what other dishes and remixes that we’re cooking up. Whether you opt for enjoying a dish on its own or remixing it with new additions, we’d love to hear how you incorporate meatless dishes into your weeks. 

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