You know we love tech at Cadence Kitchen, and it doesn’t end with our innovative nitro-flash freezing process. Visit any supermarket carrying our meals and sides and you’ll see QR codes available for each item. This is the quickest and easiest way to learn more about each dish and see ingredients, nutritional facts, cooking instructions, and tastefully considered pairing suggestions! 

We view QR codes as a necessary part of the equation and an open invitation. Whether you’re a seasoned customer or just a curious passerby, it’s never been easier to access the essentials of our carefully curated menu to ensure that you know everything you need to have a meal that’s delicious, healthy, and stress-free. 

The QR codes are on the freezer lids of our supermarket meal containers. Here’s a rundown on how they work in case you’re unfamiliar.  

1. Open your smartphone’s camera app and simply hold it up to the code. 

The camera will recognize the code and prompt you to open the corresponding information page.

2. Scroll through to learn all you need to know! 

The current Apple iOS has a QR code reader that’s native to the camera app. For Android users, we like Kaspersky’s QR Scanner or Barcode Scanner

Watch the Video!

How to use the Cadence Kitchen QR codes

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