California Food-Tech Company Brings More Chef-Made Meals to Convenience-Hungry Consumers  

Corona, Calif. – October 27, 2020 – Cadence Kitchen, the Southern California food-tech innovator using liquid nitrogen to modernize frozen cuisine, today announces the expansion of its range of natural, preservative-free, and globally-inspired menu items at more than 200 retail partner locations in the United States. With 11 new dishes that cook from frozen to chef-made perfection in as little as seven minutes, Cadence Kitchen is prepared to meet growing consumer demand for higher quality, convenience, and international variety in-home cooking during a post-COVID reality. As 90 percent of Americans began preparing more food at home at the peak of the pandemic, Cadence Kitchen is committed to elevating the home dining experience for consumers craving restaurant-quality food in the new “from home” era. 

With a diverse range of new menu items including premium, sustainably sourced seafood plates, Cadence Kitchen meals are thoughtfully crafted to provide delicious, wholesome options for dining out at home™️ while reducing the stress of cooking from scratch, eliminating the premium cost of ordering in and prioritizing better-for-you home experience. Now, consumers can enjoy inventive, complex plates like Scallops Carbonara, Lobster Tortellini, Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya, and more, all packaged in a newly refreshed format for even greater accessibility, whether in dedicated Cadence Kitchen freezer bunkers or in the frozen food aisle.  

“We’ve been hard at work in our kitchen, drawing from global culinary inspiration and a diverse background of food industry knowledge to further expand our menu in response to a changing world that needs better home dining solutions,” Jason Triail, Vice President of Culinary & Innovation.  

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, 70 percent of consumers have been purchasing more frozen food than ever before. Whether consumers are seeking convenience, stocking up on non-perishables, or exploring new flavors or cuisines, the frozen food aisle has experienced a surge in popularity in recent months. With current availability at 235 locations with five national retailers including Gelson’s, Meijer, New Pioneer, Save Mart & Lucky Supermarkets, and Schnucks, Cadence Kitchen is quickly expanding to meet consumer demand for inspiration, variety and ease in the kitchen with more free-from and low-waste cooking options.  

After seven to 12 minutes on the stovetop, Cadence Kitchen meals sizzle to perfection and taste just as fresh as the day they were made, owing to the company’s innovative nitro flash-freezing approach. Using a liquid nitrogen enrobing technique, Cadence Kitchen’s team of chefs and food scientists have developed a method of locking in every ounce of freshness, flavor, texture, and nutrients while keeping products completely free from artificial preservatives, antibiotics, added hormones, artificial colors, and artificial flavors.  

“With our innovative approach to flash-freezing the meals designed from scratch in our kitchen, we’re excited to bring the restaurant experience to your kitchen table with our globally-inspired, flavor-packed entrées and sides,” Triail said. “Thanks to our nitrogen technology, we can lock in every ounce of taste, texture and quality so that the food our customers cook at home is as fresh as it was the day we made it in our kitchen.” 

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Kelly Torres-Chadd Marketing Director Cadence Kitchen

Kelly Torres-Chadd is Cadence Kitchen’s Director of Marketing, where she channels her passions for food and the food industry into leading marketing programs, brand management, social media, and creative direction. Through smart marketing campaigns and thoughtful strategy, Kelly brings more transparency and education surrounding FoodTech and the way Cadence Kitchen sources ingredients, crafts recipes and creates meals that are easy to make and enjoy sustainably at home.  

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