Frozen food has come a long way from those TV dinners of the twentieth century. Thanks to advancements in technology and innovation, we’re now able to use liquid nitrogen to take food to sub-zero temperatures in an instant, locking in every ounce of flavor and nutrition. This means nitro-flash frozen food is better tasting and better for you than traditionally-frozen food.

Say what?

That’s right…a vegetable that’s been flash frozen can have a nutritional value that’s just as high, if not higher, than its fresh or traditionally frozen or fresh-stored counterpart. When it comes to frozen food, nothing beats liquid nitrogen flash freezing for maintaining freshness, upholding impeccable taste and flavor, and offering incredible convenience.

Traditional Freezing: a Slow Method of Yesteryear 

Simply put, your freezer isn’t designed to freeze foods, but rather, preserve things that are already frozen. Take proteins for example. Freezing uncooked chicken or fresh fish usually takes a few hours. During this slow process, ice crystals form between protein fibers, which affect nutrient-rich juices and negatively alter texture. When you take these foods out to thaw, a substantial portion of those juices will be washed away before cooking. 

There’s also that painful process of thawing out. It can be a major inconvenience when you forget to take something out until it’s too late, and you’re left scrambling for dinner. We’ve all been there. Resorting to the microwave to expedite the process can have adverse effects on texture and nutritional value. 

Ultimately, traditional freezing methods have adverse effects on quality, taste, and nutrition in ways that flash freezing doesn’t.

In Flash Freezing We Trust

What exactly is flash freezing anyway? In contrast to the slower, traditional method at a relatively higher temperature, flash freezing, a modern restaurant industry practice, is done at much lower temperatures with cold, circulating air. Here at Cadence Kitchen we’ve perfected our own process that uses liquid nitrogen and we’re calling it nitro-flash freezing! 

Our innovative freezing process is a much quicker and colder technique that results in smaller ice crystals, which don’t have a negative effect on texture and keep the plant or protein’s nutrients at an incredibly high level. Take flash frozen fruits and vegetables, for example. Studies show they can have higher levels of Vitamin A, C and B2 as well as antioxidants than unfrozen produce that’s been stored in the fridge for a few days!

Another benefit to our nitro-flash frozen meats is that they are preservative free. Our chicken, beef and pork are free-from nitrates, antibiotics, or artificial additives ensuring that what you’re eating a superior frozen meal that does not compare to anything else on the freezer aisle.

Finally, our nitro-flash frozen food has a positive impact on reducing food waste. Our food can last in your freezer for an extended period of time at peak quality. When you’re ready to enjoy it, simply heat it up in mere minutes. You also don’t have to risk purchasing or cooking too much. Simply take what you need and you’ll avoid throwing out leftovers that can go unused or spoiled.  

The availability of flash-frozen produce and meats today is a real game-changer. Now, it’s easier than ever to have the economic, practical, and better-for-you advantage when it comes to enjoying frozen food and its benefits.

Has your perspective on frozen food shifted over the past few months, whether through trying our meals or by adding more frozen to your grocery list while cooking from home more frequently?

Comment below with one thing that’s surprised you about frozen food! 

Spence Jones Cadence Kitchen

Spencer Jones is the Food Technologist at Cadence Kitchen, where he oversees the safe and efficient creation of our recipes and final products. The FoodTech industry is fast-paced and continually changing, and Spencer ensures Cadence Kitchen continues to drive trends while never sacrificing on quality, taste or sustainability in our practices and final meals. 

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