For many of us, incorporating sustainable routines into our daily lives can be as empowering as it is overwhelming. Take the topic of food waste, for example. In America, 40% of food is wasted, which equates to 162 billion dollars! Numbers like these are staggering, but even at the scale of our individual homes, there are easy, fun, and delicious steps we can take together to ensure a greener future.  

As we celebrate Earth Day this year, we wanted to highlight how frozen food can directly support a sustainable lifestyle. This is one of the many reasons we’re crazy about frozen at Cadence Kitchen. Incorporating frozen food into our lives can cut down on food waste, combat global warming and ensure healthy eating. Can frozen food save the day? We think so!

Is “Fresh” Always Best?

The short answer is no. 

Don’t get us wrong, we love buying fresh, especially when it’s supporting local economies–gotta love a farmer’s market! But when it comes to living a more sustainable lifestyle, frozen food has some key advantages to its fresh counterpart in issues of supply chain and food waste. 

Did you know that fresh seafood can take more than two weeks to arrive to the consumer? For fresh meats and produce, speed is the name of the game. This often involves air transportation and a hefty carbon footprint. In contrast, frozen food can be safely stored for a much longer amount of time, which can take advantage of slower methods of transportation with less environmental impact. 

There’s also the precarious relationship between freshness and food waste. Have you ever found yourself standing in the meat aisle, Googling the difference between the “sell by,” “best by” and “use before” language on the packaging? Consumer confusion on a product’s expiration date accounts for 20% of total food waste. It’s a common story: we buy food we end up not using, or we cook more than we end up eating. This is where frozen has the key advantage. Simply take what you need and keep the rest safely stored for another day. 

Let’s not forget the added benefit of variety! Having year-round access to otherwise seasonal options is an incredible privilege at no expense of the carbon footprint created by global shipping. 

Frozen Food is Sustainable 

Here’s an infuriating fact: uneaten food is the largest contributor to landfills–food waste accounts for a whopping 20% of all waste. When food begins to rot, it emits methane, a greenhouse gas and active contributor to climate change. In other words, wasted food directly contributes to global warming. 

Unfortunately it’s not just an issue of cause and effect. Food waste also has an incredible impact on the use of natural resources as 24% of water used in agriculture ends up being wasted on uneaten food. 

Thankfully, incorporating frozen food into our lives is a direct way to cut down on the food waste we create. Easy to portion, simply take what you need and leave the rest for another day! A healthy balance of fresh-stored and frozen will do wonders for keeping your trash bin free of uneaten food that’s gone bad in the fridge, a sad, but a common result of overbuying at the market.

Frozen Food is Nutritious 

In flash-freezing we trust! We’ve come a long way since 20th-century tech and TV dinners. Today, frozen food provides an optimum way to preserve nutritional value. In fact, countless studies have proven that there’s no substantial difference in nutrients between fresh and frozen foods. 

In contrast to fresh produce, which is often harvested before reaching full ripeness to avoid spoiling en route to the supermarket, produce harvested for flash freezing is picked at its prime, meaning you’ll benefit from the best flavor and highest level of vitamins and minerals. We’ve combined this technology with our own liquid nitrogen enrobing technique that coats each and every ingredient in our chef-made sauces and seasonings. This ensures every ounce of texture and flavor is essentially frozen in time, ready and waiting for you to unleash a restaurant-quality meal on your own stovetop at home. Not only does this lead to knock-your-socks-off taste, but it also means we have absolutely no need for artificial preservatives, flavors, or coloring. The Cadence Kitchen food on your plate tastes as fresh as it was the day we made it in our Southern California kitchen.

Happy Earth Day! 

As we celebrate this month, we are inspired by the consumers and companies alike that are dedicated to making changes, big and small, in service of a healthier planet. At Cadence Kitchen, we’re motivated by frozen food as a powerful, simple solution towards sustainable living. 
How do you celebrate Earth Day? This year, why not try frozen? We’d love to hear from you! Find us on IG to see what we’re cooking up, or check out our website to see how we’re utilizing technology and a tasty menu to support an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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